Taming the Wild Grammar Beastie—Onsite Classroom Training

Course Description
This seminar presents up-to-date solutions to the most prevalent grammar problems found in corporate America today. This fun, fast-paced, thought-provoking seminar is for everyone who wants to brush up on grammar skills—from entry-level employees to senior management. Never waste time again by asking, “Have I said it correctly? Is it ‘who’ or ‘whom’? Should I place a comma here?” The workshop teaches standard American usage for the kinds of problems people most often experience with punctuation, grammar, and proofreading and clear sentence construction.

Target Audience
Taming the Wild Grammar Beastie is designed for all professionals who communicate in writing and want to deliver their message with clarity and professional polish.

Course Length: One-day: 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Course Objectives
We begin by helping participants build their grammar profile of strengths and weaknesses. From there we will tame the “grammar beastie” by clarifying the true nature of grammar, debunking popular myths from English 101, teaching non-grammatical solutions to grammar problems, and reviewing current standard American usage for

  • Subject/verb agreement
  • Pronoun usage
  • Current punctuation usage
  • Sentence structure
  • Correct word choice
  • Current capitalization usage

Program Design
Taming the Wild Grammar Beastie is a learning and development process, not a training event. It consists of the following elements:
Taming the Wild Grammar Beastie Seminar Process

Seminar Outline

First Half-day Session
Constructing your grammar profile
Why worry about grammar
Taming the pronoun beastie

  • Personal pronouns
  • Who/whom

Taming the verb beastie

  • Tense
  • Subject verb agreement
  • Active passive voice

Second Half-day Session
Taming the punctuation beastie

  • The difference punctuation makes
  • Standard usage

Taming the sentence structure beastie
Improving editing and proofreading skills

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